our Marketing team

He's always relaxed, even though he leads the largest department. But maybe that's why he does Crossfit so often, to let off steam on the sly.
Is a real adrenaline junkie - team captain in the handball league as a child, then through the mud in Tough Mudder. Today he's taking it easier on his motorcycle tours!
From the daily business suit with tie to the Adidas suit in the home office. From milk beard to full beard. From a skinny guy to a “machine”. By the way, that’s what we could also call our license. He has been growing Facebook and Instagram channels since 2014. Previously as a lone wolf and now in the world's coolest team.
True to the motto "Happy Marketing Team - happy Alina", she does her utmost to support her colleagues from A-Z. Her favourite exercise? Burpees. And more burpees.
He found his passion for data through a detour - after studying music - at last. However, his passion for data has not prevented him from also keeping an eye on his physical fitness. In his free time, he is often found in the gym, where he keeps fit with martial arts and other disciplines.
Marketing (Online Marketing Manager)
He is our Swiss Army knife in marketing.

our IT team

If you can read this, then Alex has done his job well. He is also the fastest mouse in the IT team.
She implements new designs quickly, reliably and unobtrusively. She uses her breaks wisely for a little yoga session.
Would love to live on a sailing boat and contsantly makes typhoos despite working in IT.

our HR & Accounting team

Looks after the well-being of employees. After this mental work, she loves to spend hours on her racing bike, running or lifting weights. We are happy about this interplay of body & mind of the dog lover!
"Everybody can handle order, but only a genius can master chaos" - a quote for which our structure lover has no understanding! Otherwise, however, she is always in a good mood and starts the day with enthusiasm and a latte macchiato.

Our Vision

We aim to make education more contemporary and easily accessible for everyone. We demonstrate that a personal trainer certification can also be completed flexibly from home with the highest quality. Because we believe that you should manage your time most effectively yourself to achieve maximum success.

Meet our Founder team

Ben Sattinger
Co-Founder & Chief Strategist
Jamin Hage-Khalil
Co-Founder & CEO
Daniel John
Sven Faltin

Impressions from our company retreats

Koh phangan, Thailand


Albufeira, Portugal