our chronicle

2024 - OTL goes international

Our brand new "Online Fitness Academy" goes live, targeting millions of potential e-learners in the USA and in other english speaking countries. You're just looking at it. We released our AFT training and will soon be releasing the Nutritionist Training as well. 

More new courses are already in the production process and about to be launched. In the future, customers will be offered even more targeted education and training in the areas of sports, nutrition and health. Of course, the usual high quality and flexible learning system will be maintained.

2023 - expanding even more

Additional new courses are already in the production process and close to launch. In the future, customers will be offered even more targeted training and continuing education in the areas of sports, nutrition, and health. The usual high quality and the flexible learning system will, of course, be maintained.

We've also started working on our new Online Fitness Academy for English speaking customers intensively.

2022 - New management, new successes

In 2022, the long-awaited Nutritionist Sport course will be launched, improved versions of the Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist training will appear, and many informative freebies will be released.

We develop, produce and publish the nutritionist learning cards and the nutritionist poster. There is an update of our websites and optimization of the online campus. The new branding video ("Rocket Launch") can be presented in social media in the middle of the year.

Our new managing director Daniel John takes over the responsibility and can be pleased right at the beginning together with the meanwhile again enlarged OTL team about the presentation of various awards.

With the awarding of scholarships as well as almost 100% customer satisfaction, OTL looks back on another very successful year, in line with the new motto: "Flexible. Simple. Smart."

2021 - Expanding the repertoire

For many people, 2021 is still under the influence of the pandemic. The related restrictions often affect the sports and health sector, especially fitness studios.

For our customers, the training offer is extended by two licenses (nutritionist for infants and toddlers and nutritionist for children and adolescents). In addition, it is now possible to complete all nutritionist training courses entirely online. Before the end of the year, the Athletic Trainer and the Group Fitness Trainer will appear in the fitness area.

Internally at OTL, the year is marked by the development of our customer app and the renewed increase in the number of employees and instructors. More exam sites are opened up for our clients, an anatomy poster is designed and anatomy flashcards are developed - and we're excited about new awards.

2020 - A special year

The year 2020 is marked by a global pandemic and for many people a difficult time begins in which the future often remains uncertain. Home office is also a big issue now. However, since one hundred percent remote working is part of the company's philosophy, no changes arise for OTL in this respect.

Thus, despite the difficult situation, the nutritionist-vegan training can be published. Thus the first step is made into a larger offer also within the range nutrition.

The great concept of the enterprise is again confirmed to the end of the year: From the FOCUS business we are awarded the 4th place of the 100 top employers in medium-sized businesses. We also try to integrate the vision of timely education in our everyday work and thus revolutionize the job market through innovation. Strengthened by this award and the mastered challenges of the year, the company starts into the coming year.

2019 - The journey continues

With the urge to improve, Online Trainer License also starts into 2019 and continues the production of new trainings, but also especially the optimization of existing trainings. The team now consists of over 30 permanent employees.

The big goal remains to continue to convince as a pioneer in the field of modern and flexible training opportunities. The categories of training and nutrition are therefore to be supplemented by further training courses in the coming years. To this end, all the necessary steps will be taken this year and the planning of instructive training courses is in full swing.

2017 - The positioning

With the transition into 2017, additional interesting training opportunities follow: The licenses for the Pilates and the personal trainer come on the market and offer customers further opportunities for professional and specific training.

By participating in various trade fairs, such as the Urban Fit Days in Berlin or the biggest fitness expo in the world, the FIBO in Cologne, Online Trainer Lizenz can successfully establish itself as an educational provider and increasingly implement the initial idea of offering as many people as possible a modern, flexible and at the same time professional education in the field of fitness and nutrition. All training courses are also state-tested and certified, which additionally contributes to the recognition and popularity of the company.

At the end of the year, the production of the yoga teacher training course will begin.

2016 - The company grows

In January 2016, the starting signal is given for the creation of the nutritionist license, which is published five months later.

The company continues to develop: in the spring, OTL is finally allowed to adorn itself with the seal of TÜV Süd, which confirms the company's clear focus on quality. In addition, OTL achieves status as a nationally accredited training provider. With the accumulated know-how and experience from the first productions, growth and distribution are continuously increasing and the formerly registered UG becomes Online Trainer GmbH in July.

2015 - The first sale

Already in March 2015, it is confirmed that there is a great demand for purely digital training: even before the official launch, the first interested parties order the new training!

In April, the entry in the commercial register as OTL - Online Trainer UG takes place.

The feedback on the fitness trainer B license is terrific. People are enthusiastic about the way of learning and the flexibility.

With tail wind and self-confidence the yet small team goes in the middle of the year to the production of the second fitness education, which is a deepening of the theoretical and practical knowledge.

The new course, eagerly awaited by many B-license graduates, is completed shortly before Christmas and also successfully placed on the market: the fitness trainer A-license.

2014 - How it all began

Why can't classic training courses be simplified? - Why can't learning be made more modern and flexible? - Does education always have to be tied to place and time?

These questions were asked by friends Ben Sattinger and Sven Faltin in the fall of 2014, and the idea was born to develop a modern system that would allow learning to be flexible in terms of time and location, while still providing education of the highest quality.

On October 30th, 2014, the decision was made: "We have a vision: The vision of enabling timely and self-determined learning to a broad audience is realized and starts with the production of the first online education, the fitness trainer B license.

OUR Vision

We aim to make education more timely and easily accessible for everyone. We demonstrate that a fitness trainer certification can also be completed flexibly from home with the highest quality. Because we believe that you should manage your time most effectively yourself to achieve maximum success.