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Certified Personal Trainer

Unlock your potential with our Certified Personal Trainer program! Whether you're starting a new career or advancing in your current role, our flexible online program offers the skills and certification you need to excel. Study at your own pace and join a growing industry where top trainers earn competitive salaries and help clients achieve their fitness goals.

Ultimate Flexibility:
Start when you're ready, set your own pace, and complete the course on your schedule

Interactive Learning:
Engage with a modern, fully online learning platform accessible from anywhere

Lifetime Certification:
Earn a globally recognized certification that never expires

Money-Back Guarantee:

Pass the exam or get a full refund, including all retakes
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Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Our Certified Personal Trainer program emphasizes personalized training planning and management, equipping you to handle the challenges of a demanding fitness career. No prior knowledge is required – we provide all the essential information and skills you need to succeed.

Elevate your expertise and career opportunities

Additionally, you will gain specialized knowledge in handling common sports injuries, enhancing your anatomical expertise. By earning the Certified Personal Trainer certification, you will achieve an advanced credential that significantly elevates your professional standing in the fitness industry.

The Certified Personal Trainer program is ideal for you if you:

  • Want to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of fitness
  • Aim to achieve an advanced credential in the fitness industry
  • Seek a comprehensive qualification that enables you to coach both fitness enthusiasts and performance-oriented athletes
  • Wish to enhance your free weight training techniques (e.g., squats)
  • Want to build a strong foundation in fitness principles
  • Desire to optimize your own training regimen
  • Need to build confidence in working with diverse client groups, including those who are overweight or have specific health concerns
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Our Certified Personal Trainer program focuses on personalized training planning and management, preparing you for any challenge in the fitness profession. No prior fitness knowledge is required, making it accessible to everyone.

You will also gain specialized training in handling common sports injuries, enhancing your anatomical expertise. Earning the Certified Personal Trainer certification equips you with a top-level credential in the fitness industry.
The AFT License is subdivided in 14 modules:

  • Module 1: Cardiovascular System
  • Module 2: Structure & Function of the Cell
  • Module 3: Classification & Function of Tissue Types
  • Module 4: Active & Passive Locomotor System
  • Module 5: Human Anatomy
  • Module 6: Theory of Training
  • Module 7: Exercise Science - Components of Physical Fitness
  • Module 8: Training Plan Design in Strength and Fitness Training
  • Module 9: Further Training Methods
  • Module 10: Biomechanics & Movement Science
  • Module 11: Sports Injuries & Recovery Management
  • Module 12: Practical Exercises
  • Module 13: Practical Tips
  • Bonus Module: Nutrition Theory & Planning
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Take the Next Step:

Unlock your fitness potential with a program that boosts your physical abilities and transforms your mindset for peak performance. Experience the empowerment of reaching new heights, overcoming barriers, and inspiring others to pursue a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Distance learning is perfect for you if you:

  • Value flexibility and self-paced learning
  • Prefer to organize your own study schedule
  • Don't have the time or interest for in-person seminars or weekly classes
  • Have the self-discipline and motivation to study independently


You have 1.5 hours a day
By dedicating about 1.5 hours a day, or 10 hours a week, you can complete the training in just 1.5 months.
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You have 1 hour a day
Alternatively, by studying 50 minutes a day, or 5 hours a week, you can complete the training in 2.5 months.
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You have 0.5 hours a day
If you can only study for 15-30 minutes a day, you can complete the training in 5-7 months. Use your commute or warm-up time on the cross trainer to fit in your study sessions.


Certification included

  • Lifelong validity
  • Worldwide validity
  • With a unique number
  • Authenticity check


799 $ 399

or 12 / 18 easy monthly installments

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No plans, no restrictions, no nonsense.
Just one price with everything included.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer for our academy launch.
  • Attain top certification as a personal trainer
  • Includes 14 comprehensive modules
  • Complete learning script provided (380 pages)
  • State-of-the-art, academically rigorous content
  • Digital exam included (non-proctored)
  • Certification upon completion
  • Personal e-mail support incl.
  • 100% online, no in-person sessions required
  • Immediate access to all modules
  • Lifetime access with no restrictions
  • Bonus module: Nutrition Theory and Planning included


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1. Try It For Free

  • Click on "Try It Free"
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  • Complete your free self-assessment
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2. Purchase

  • Click "Purchase" in your Learning Center
  • Select a payment method
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  • Gain immediate access to all modules, tests, and the exam!
3. Study

  • Learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere
  • Answer a few questions after each module to test your understanding
  • Take the practice exam as many times as you need after completing all modules
  • When you're ready, take the full exam
4. Get Your Certification

  • After passing the exam you will receive your signed and stamped certificate.
  • The certificate is valid worldwide and lifelong
  • Average duration of training: 2,5 months
  • One in four makes it in just 6 weeks

Over 22,479 graduates have already successfully completed their training at OFA


"I couldn't have chosen a better academy. OFA's learning program is super structured from start to finish and if a lecture at university was too boring, I learned a module from OFA ;).
Thanks to the licenses from OFA, I got a part-time job as a personal trainer at a renowned fitness studio"


"[...] I would like to gain a professional foothold with the training! I did the training because I would like to work in a gym alongside my nutritional science studies and also to further my own training. I will now look into getting a job in a gym and then start working as a trainer. I opted for an online trainer license because it's very flexible and you can do it from home at your own pace."


"Since 2017, no other academy has been an option for me! I am now 58 years old, turned my hobby into a profession 15 years ago and founded a club where I get people moving. I obtained my fitness trainer license at Online Fitness Academy in 2017. During my training, OFA was always available for me and guided me competently through the training. It's the best value for money on the market!"


[...]we simply had the certificate issued in English, because we wanted to have an international license. We are very satisfied. You can learn whenever and for as long as you want. They always help you with questions. Perfect!"